Welcome to Sawah Indah Villa
  • Delphine, Julien, Sylvie & Alain (9 June 2011) – France
    Thank you for these two days in Sawah Indah Villa. We had really good time here, everybody is very nice and helpful. We particularly enjoyed the walk in the fields around Sidemen, the massage and the food, always very good! Delicious Thai food. The rooms were also very nice and clean. Definitely a place to stay or come back.
  • Bye, Ken, Sally & Made (26 &27 June 2011)
    We have enjoyed our overnight, finding Sawah Indah Villa a little j…… among the rice fields, enjoyed listening to the rice farmers keep the birds eating his rice grains. Enjoyed Lihat Sawah their older sister for lunch.
  • Gregor, Aneta, Barbara & Premysiol (03 July 2011) – Poland
    We spend beautiful days in Sawah Indah Villa. We admired unforgettable views and weather. Our room was comfortable and very clean. But mostly we are in love in people who live in Sidemen (they are very friendly and smiled all the time). The staff in Sawah Indah Villa is very very nice. We will miss for them and for this place. We will recommended you all our friend in Poland.
  • Aline, Arnaud & family (22 July 2011) - France
    We enjoy this villa, peaceful, beautiful, nice people, very good restaurant. Everything was perfect! We stay 4 days and it was great. Thank you.
  • Family Picard (01 August 2011) – French
    It was nice.
  • Family Thomer (03 August 2011) – Netherlands
    Lovely place, spacious room with oceans of light coming through the windows. The view is stunning, so is the whole ambiance. The staff is friendly and helpful. We definitely recommend this place.
  • Chris & Steph – French
    I loved the spaghetti carbonara and the bathroom. Very friendly staff and very nice bedroom. Thank you.
  • Julianne & Yohann (03 September 2011) – Germany
    We stayed 5 nights in this amazing apartment. We planned to stay 1 night more, but our wish to see more of this great island grew up, so that we decided to leave 1 day more early. The decision was really difficult because we love this place. Thanks to Gede and his great team. Always there for us, always friendly, we missed nothing and felt like in paradise – NO!! we were in paradise!!! Great room, amazing view, typical style which makes comfortable, delicious food, friendly staff, great village with always smiling people. Last but not least its: Unforgettable & Amazing !! Thanks a lot to all who made it possible.
  • Ung (19 October 2011) – Malaysia
    We stayed here for 4 nights, nice room, beautiful scenery & never ending wind coming from the valley. My boyfriend loves the balcony while I enjoyed walking into the fields checking out on the Balinese. If you could speak a little of Bahasa, you will be amazed by the pureness and sincerity from them. I met Komang, a 35 years old Balinese woman, who jokes and laughed all the time! Love Sidemen!